Samoyed Puppies

Samoyed Puppies for Sale
Samoyed Puppies for Sale

Our Dogs

We love our dogs. We love them dearly. Nothing but the best for them. Our dogs play on the farm and run, they go for hikes and we play lots of tug a war. Our dogs are also our snuggle blankets. We are a happy dog family and we wish the same for you. When you get a puppy from us you should know that her mother is cared for to the ultimate degree. We take really good care of her and we love her. You should also know that we will love your puppy and give it the best care possible. So you will receive a healthy well socialized (cats, & dogs) puppy from an exceptional dam.

Dam Luna

Luna is a sweet and loyal dog. She is very intelligent and very loving. Like other samoyed dogs she is energetic, strong, and friendly. If you’re looking for a dog who will greet you at the door and join you for a run look no further. Luna loves trips to the dog park. She loves puppy training class and she loves to play. Luna is super friendly with all other animals, be they cats, dogs or the occasional squirrel. Samoyed’s are excellent athletes and they show this off in many ways. Luna will catch a frizbee and she’s smart enough to catch a ball in her mouth or bounce it off her nose if you tell her to!

Samoyed Dam Luna

Luna is so bright that we’re training her to become a performance dog. Luna has flown through her obedience and agility training. The next step for us is to teach her to perform on stage. We only plan to breed her a couple of times so you’ll have to hurry to get a puppy from this exceptional dog.

Samoyed puppy on lap
Samoyeds are loving

Luna loves to nuzzle. She loves to roll over and have her stomach rubbed. She loves to play tug a war. She was super easy to house train! Easy to break of all bad habits except for pulling on her leash…still working on that one #sleddog. She’s desires so much to please you that we’re training her to be a circus dog. She’s been practicing her agility and her commands and masters them easily.

It doesn’t happen often, most of the time she’s silent, but I love when she talks and howls. Again it’s not very often, but it’s so cute! A big fluff ball howling at the moon. Luna is very happy outside nine months of the year. She is confident and does her own thing. She is not influenced by our other dogs unless they want to play. At night she likes to sit quietly in the yard and when she sleeps she positions herself so she can watch both the front and back door. She is an excellent watchdog.

AKC Samoyed Puppies

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Samoyed Puppies will be available late fall of 2019. In time to make adorable fluffy Christmas presents.

* Pre-payment save’s you $200 off the price and guarantees your place in line. If the litter is too small your money will be immediately refunded. You must pick out your puppy prior to the eight week mark or your place in line may be skipped. We will work with you to make arrangements for the pick up of your puppy.

All puppies will receive all shots and vet visits as well as excellent nutrition up through the eight week mark. We will not sell unhealthy puppies. They will be socialized with dogs, cats and kids. They will be loved until you bring them into your loving home. Only dog friendly loving parents will be accepted. Please make sure you’re the right people for these puppies. Samoyeds are lots of fun and their very playful you will need to have time for them. You will need to want to play and go to dog parks, and jogs. Luna is super athletic and loves to catchings.

Luna as a puppy
Luna as a puppy


Luna and sire are both AKC ( American Kennel Club ) registered. As were their parents.

Samoyed Puppies Maternal Grandparents
Dam Luna’s Parents