How big do they get?
With a large barrel chest and strong back haunches Luna is way stronger than first glance lets on. She weighs in at 45lbs so not as large as some samoyed females. This hasn’t stopped her from insisting that she be in front when we walk our dogs. Even at a young age Luna would throw her shoulders into our bigger dogs until they let her be in the lead. #sleddog

In general, Samoyeds are classified as “medium” sized dogs. According to the (US) breed standard, females should be between 19-21″ at the shoulder, an in-shape female will weigh in at 35-50 lbs. Males should be between 21-23.5″ at the shoulder and be between 50-65 lbs.

Samoyed Puppy Playing
Samoyed’s love to play!

Do they shed a lot?
We have had many dogs that shed way worse than our Samoyed. Some dogs shed a mind boggling amount. Luna does shed a small amount though out the year and seasonally a larger amount, but she is in no way the worst shedder we’ve ever had. Samoyeds are also hypo-allergenic so the hair will not bother sensitive people as much as other dog hair may.

How often must they be bathed?
Not as often as you would think unless they are always rolling in disgusting things. Their top coat is a protectant for the undercoat, keeping it clean and dry. Cleaning your dog regularly will be fine, some say that’s once a week but once a month should suffice. You must find the line between so much bathing that the coat becomes damaged and so little that you cannot get the dog clean easily. It is important that they be thoroughly dried to avoid hot spots and matting. When brushed, bathed and trimmed Luna is beautiful. Luna does occasionally like to dig a trait we believe she was taught by another of our dogs.

Samoyed Puppy Circus Dog
Samoyed Puppy Circus Dog

Are they good with kids?
As a whole Samoyeds tend to be very good with children but because every dog is different you can never say for sure. Samoyeds are family centered dogs and have been for generations, they are used to guard the children and to keep them warm at night. Of course, like with any dog, children should always be supervised with a dog. Samoyeds are very hardy and strong we have found that when she plays with our other dogs she is more than a match for our much larger dogs. The same may be true for interactions with small children I don’t believe Luna would ever harm a child intentionally. She is very smart and kind. She might however totally knock them down if they were in between her and a Frisbee.

How much exercise do they need and what kind?
You should not strenuously exercise a puppy under 6 months of age. Their musculoskeletal system is not developed enough yet. Their play is enough to keep them healthy. You should play with your puppy and work on some of the basic obedience commands with him, in a playful way. By the time the dog is full grown, at around 12 months, he will be ready for much longer walks, an hour per day or more. Sledding is an excellent form of exercise, and is what the dog was bred for. As they grow a fenced in yard is a must for a Samoyed. They need a place to exercise and play. When we’re at our farm we allow her to run without a fence. The land is much larger and she never ventures far from us. She comes when we call. A fenced in yard is needed so you can meet your samoyed’s needs to play and exercise. They are also great to run with as they will easily keep pace with you for speed and endurance.

Are they good watch dogs?

Sams are very good at watching and will alert you when someone is approaching but they are not aggressive dogs so you should rely on this dog to guard your home. They are a very vocal dog though. Luna has decided to position herself where she can see both of our doors at night. She is also prone to hopping in our bay window for a better view of the street. We sleep very well knowing that she is alert and on the job.