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Dave and Joanne are proud owners of the beautiful dam Luna, a purebred AKC Samoyed. Luna is the daughter of Bodacious “Buddy” Sheen (Sire) and Nickie Abigail Sheen (Dam). Luna the dame is a friendly, loving, curious, loyal dog who has received the best in nutrition, and care. The gorgeous puppies will be available to people from anywhere from Florida to Maine, New York to Minnesota. They will accommodate to the buyer but will NOT fly the puppy to you. Puppies will be available in the Spring of 2019. Puppies can be reserved now! Once the puppies are 8 weeks Dave and Joanne will begin the adoption process, no sooner. The puppies will have all their shots they will need up until that point and come with a collar, leash, and a little puppy care package.

Samoyed puppy Luna
Samoyed puppy Luna

These smart dogs are fit for every lifestyle they just want to be by your side! Whether you live in an apartment in the city or in a house in the country, as long as you’re with you Samoyed they will be happy. Don’t let all the hair fool you not only are they loyal and versatile in their living preferences but they are hypo-allergenic as well! Since this dog is naturally loving they aren’t guard dogs, they will watch for strangers and possibly bark at someone at the door but then welcome them with kisses.

Samoyed Puppy Luna
Samoyed Puppy Luna

Known for their famous “Sammy Smiles” the Samoyed will melt your heart and instantly become your best friend. Samoyeds are known for their closeness with their owners through generations of mutual need for one another. For centuries Samoyeds have performed duties for their human along with their pack mates allowing the dog to naturally be trusting of humans and other canines.

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